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February 19th, 2018

Commercial Metal Buildings Types and Uses By Aaron McCoy

Many businesses are operated out of commercial metal buildings. These easy to assemble and cost effective structures offer excellent durability that is beneficial for businesses in just about any industry. If you will be opening a business soon or are looking to expand to a new location, consider the benefits of choosing a metal building. Below are a few of the most common ways in which metal buildings are used in commercial settings.

Auto Body Shops
Commercial metal buildings make an excellent choice for auto body shops. When purchasing a metal building, you are given the chance to customize the size of the building, the number of doors it will have, the size and style of those doors, and the position of all entrances. That enables you to set up an open workshop space with several large, tall garage style doors that make it easy to move vehicles in and out of the shop. Your metal building can even be designed with an office space that connects with the main shop.

Commercial metal buildings can be used to house gyms as well. The flexibility of their design allows you to set up a large, open space for free weights and fitness machines while also partitioning off parts of the building for other uses. You could set up showers and changing rooms, fitness classrooms, and other specific workout areas.

Aircraft Hangers
Large commercial metal buildings are frequently used as aircraft hangers. These can be implemented in both small, local airports and large international airports. If your hanger will also be used as a workshop, consider adding an extension that can house a small office, space for tool storage, and other necessary spaces.

Welding Shops
Commercial metal buildings are fire resistant and thus make an excellent choice for welding shops. Customizable floor plans make it easy for you to purchase a building that will fit the needs and size of your business.

Metal buildings can typically cost between $10-$20 per SF before accessories, delivery and labor. In many cases you get what you pay for, but there are a lot of good deals out there. Use our easy quote form to compare top rated suppliers and find the best deals.

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