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February 19th, 2018

Metal Homes – Design Styles to Fit Your Needs By Aaron McCoy

Many different materials have been used to build residences throughout history, but some modern designers are discovering that metal homes offer a unique and attractive appearance. Metal buildings have been popular for many years but are not traditionally thought of as working well for a primary residence. Garages, barns, sheds, and storage facilities are often made using metal, so why not use the same materials for your home? Consider some of the modern design techniques being used to make these metal structures into lovely homes.

Metal homes can offer a barn style feel to your residence that is rustic and classic why still seeming distinctly modern. For instance, metal panels look great when combined with stone at the entrance to your home for a contrasting aesthetic. Even the textures of stone and metal work well together. This minor upgrade to a basic metal building can really make the difference between your home looking like any old building and looking cozy and welcoming. The very unique style is sure to catch the eye of visitors and passersby who appreciate the special touch that metal materials give to your home.

Another design technique that works well with metal homes is to use modern decorative elements to complement the construction materials. A patio or pool area, for instance, that is decorated with iron outdoor furniture will blend nicely with the home’s exterior. Of course, metal is not your only option. Mixing and matching outdoor furnishing textures will allow you to create a space that is personal and comfortable while still complementing your home’s exterior appearance.

When ordering a pre-fabricated metal home, you are given many options such as the number and size of windows you wish to have installed. This gives you plenty of opportunity to design the exact style home that you want. Using extra tall windows to let in plenty of light, sliding glass doors for lighting and easy access, or short, wide windows for a more intimate feel, can create a fantastic style that complements the home’s exterior and interior simultaneously.

Before you decide how to design your own home, take some time to review websites with ideas for designing and adorning metal homes. That way you can create a beautiful residence that you will be proud to call home. Use our easy quote form to get started today!

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