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February 19th, 2018

The History and Design of Quonset Metal Buildings By Aaron McCoy

Quonset metal buildings are pre-fabricated structures with semi-circular roofs made of galvanized steel. While they are currently used in a wide variety of different applications – including as airplane hangars, farm storage buildings, and garages – they have an interesting history based in the military. Learning more about the history of these buildings can help you understand the benefits of their design.

Quonset metal buildings were originally built at the Davisville Naval Construction Batallion Center in Rhode Island. They got their name from the place where they were first built in 1941, which was called Quonset Point. The basic idea was to create a building that would be lightweight an easy to ship to any part of the world without the need of local skilled laborers. The buildings were also conceived to be all-purpose so that they would be as useful as possible to the military in whatever location they were constructed.

The Quonset metal buildings made during World War II were frequently used as personnel offices, medical offices, barracks, bakeries, isolation wards, and latrines. Somewhere between 150,000 and 170,000 were made during the war alone. After the war, the buildings were sold to civilians and are now being used around the world in a variety of applications.

Although these structures are no longer at the forefront of military construction, many Quonset metal buildings are being made by modern manufacturers. They are being used by businesses of all kinds to meet a variety of needs. Sometimes being called arch buildings because of their unique roof shape, these prefab buildings can be used as garages, workshops, sheds, and storage facilities.

You can purchase your metal building in just about any size from a variety of manufacturers. They can arrange to construct the building for you or you can opt to erect it yourself. The only aspect of Quonset metal buildings that you have to add to their prefab design is the foundation. Check your local zoning laws before setting the concrete slab to ensure it fits requirements. Once your building is installed, you can begin using it any way you choose, whether it be to care for personal or business needs. Get started today by using our easy quote form and find top rated suppliers.

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